"Light Animations & Perennial Miniatures"

Concept...Mystic Rooks and Ruins

Robb Rich
Pioneering the Parallax

An old world trick of the optic where gossamer and scrimshaw style images are strategically cut as to appear to move when they eclipse on the parallax, with a movement of the eye, and a slight turn of the hand.

"Subtle Yet Tricky"

The graceful birds of a beautiful latitude
will pass each other by,
when trees cross in their crystalline hue.
Planets merge in the nighttime sky,
and mystic castles come into view.

Light Animations

Serious Inquiries

These hand cut little beauties start at $150.00 each and up. An investment in art the serious collector won't regret.

Each an enduring original standing with your finest wines and heirlooms.

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