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Vessel Quest - the Official Toast of Happily Ever After
Navigating the Vessel Quest
True Handcrafted Hand etched glassware


If you wish to take a longer view to achieve a deeper understanding of a man and his art, take a glance through a spyglass to divulge.

You will see coming to you half a life story, some colorful metaphor, a puzzle to ponder, the salty captains grumbling, plus a regalia of public relations by name-dropping and documentation.

The following text will serve this and more, for all the words that appear before you are crafted and textured to reiterate again and again one white hot point of focus and goal. "Rare and Genuine." "True Jewelers Handcraft." "A Toasting Flute, and Getting Your Hands on It"

Taking a Longer View, One Less Charted, Sworn to the Quest
& Gleaning a Clue

These very special toasting flutes are in a class of their own, pre-eminent in their genre and each a one-of-a-kind original. The artist does not compete with anyone or anything except time and the difference between the shortcut and the long view less charted in the creative process.

As captain of that quest, and your quest meeting his, the artist seeks to secure a friendly patronage who plan well, follow instructions, keep this site a secret, save that special friend, and do not depend on shortcuts exclusively to achieve all their goals, unless per chance you know how to use the short cut, and peer beyond.

Now in the long view, that said shortcut must serve a two-fold purpose for the artist when receiving calls. The first of course is an actual shortcut. The next is a spyglass, a signal device granting him sight as to whether one did or did not fathom the text of this pen craft, or examine the man, his art, or its value in the context of ones own desire to receive their flutes in a quality and timely fashion. To attain harmony, balance, and a symbioses with a cause, one must be sworn to the quest, a romantic metaphor to simply recognize that you have probably been spending a fair to good deal of time looking for toasting flutes of unique style for yourself, or as a gift, and you deserve every special consideration now that you have come this far.

"Beyond the Furthermore"

Those of a certain curious minded breed, by virtue of your consideration and depth, will now take a small voyage into something hidden, yet when found can make your heart smile at its real treasure.

For some who venture beyond the furthermore and bring their acumen with them, no esoteric journey would be complete without a secret map and the wonder of its value. This little brainteaser has a worth of 5 thinking in and out of the box tops.

You are the clientele a studio is built for and thrives upon. If anyone has favor for those who love his art....... the artist has, and if there be......time set aside, you will find in this text a key to something special......whenever you call, gleaning a clue if you will, lending to a solution......at anytime, augmenting your quest......
if it's a good time.

"Territorial Imperative"

This artist must run his studio and craft as a taut ship at sea, and at times in storm.

He is the captain of its agenda. One who puts his heart and soul into his work, not administrative clutter, un-channeled phone calls, or a confusing array of questions unplanned by anyone in a hurry to play havoc, by demanding rush orders.

Any activities that do not cut glass have been reduced to a minimum or eliminated altogether. When accommodating many phone calls, one man requires the time saving devise of a simple universal procedure, and even with the best-laid plans, problems still arise.

When an organized agenda is disrupted or jeopardized by anyone trying to make a shortcut, shorter "walking the plank" becomes the metaphor of choice when dealing with this protagonist. Cold as it may seem, if the opportunity to say what must be said is not taken now, the words, like the Flying Dutchman of old, must forever wonder to repeat themselves over and over again with every unplanned phone call by those who won't even read this transcript, won't see it, won't know it and won't know they don't know it.

It is sad to say that some are in such a hurry that they pass all this by, and literally "run the plank," "miss the toast," and never even know they lived or why.

So if you are in fact reading these words, fear not, enjoy the Quest and raise your glasses high.

Story and Text by
Micky Nidgit - Mechanical Verse